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Gift CardReward Compliance

The Cystic Fibrosis Support Network of Michigan (CFSN) wants to reward you for actively taking GREAT care of yourself. We know having CF means you need to do breathing treatments, enzymes, doctors visits and other maintenance to stay healthy. So, each time you visit your clinic you can request a REWARD gift card. In fact, you can request up to 4 gifts cards each year.  

Enjoy a little perk for all your work on CFSN.   

Submit Reward Request


  • Stephanie Dorvinen/Hill
  • Maya Beckett: Kamryn Klotz
  • Elizabeth Wojcik
  • Nicholas Loose
  • Emma Barker
  •  Kira and Keelie Herlein
  •  Lillian Blair
  •  Kylie Rivera
  • Drew Collins
  • Hope Pulkovski
  • Sophia Pulkovski
  • Owen Case
  • Ashlee Peterson
  • Jordin Peterson
  • Emily Christense
  • Austin Anderson
  • Abby Kaiser
  • Emile Ruple
  • Rowan McFadden
  • Warren McFadden
  • Jenna Highberger
  • Jackson McGregor
  • Mason Millward
  • Anabelle Kann