REWARD Compliance

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Gift Card

Reward Compliance

The Cystic Fibrosis Support Network of Michigan (CFSN) wants to reward you for actively taking GREAT care of yourself. We know having CF means you need to do breathing treatments, enzymes, doctors visits and other maintenance to stay healthy. So, each time you visit your clinic you can request a REWARD gift card. In fact, you can request up to 4 gifts cards each year.  

New Requests: Please signup for CFSN Services   

Submit your REWARD request using our new forum below.

Enjoy a little perk for all your work on CFSN.

Congratulations! Scotty Kakowski, Emile Ruple, Paul Mayer, Jaslyn Kerstra, Talya Kerstra, Tripp Trevisian, Abby Kaiser,  Mitchell Hilbrandt, Ashlee Peterson, Jordin Peterson, Jason Osborn for a job well done!

New Requests: Please signup for CFSN Services   We need to keep up with you guys. Please fill out the signup form before requesting new services.