Camper Scholarship

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Camper Scholarship

Camper Scholarship Beaver
Camper Scholarship Beaver

Does your child want to go to camp? Apply for a CFSN Camper Scholarship today!

If the answer is yes, then print out the forms, fill them out and mail them to the Cystic Fibrosis Support Network of Michigan.  In the meantime, sit back and relax. 

New applications updated and available through Facebook. Request online and we will post link.

What happens Next?

Straightaway the CFSN committee will review the application for completeness. Provided that the application is complete, the next step is to verify the cystic fibrosis diagnosis. Then check out the camp admission policies. All things considered, the board signs off and the check is put in the mail. In any event, CSFN will contact you by phone, text or email to let you know the results.

Other Important Information

Camper Scholarships are limited to $200 per person each year.

There are a limited number of Camper Scholarships available every year.

It takes approximately 4 weeks for CFSN to complete the application process.

Camper Scholarships are for Michigan residents only.

Incomplete applications will be returned.




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